So you want to sell online & offline?

Setting up an online business is easy-peasy these days, isn’t it?  There are so many ways that you can open up your own business online & reach the masses but sometimes an online business is no match for a physical location.  After all, there is no substitute for human interaction & the shopping experience – it’s exciting for us to get out & experience a new place & get to know the folks involved in its operation! It’s also a bit daunting for the owner to figure out a way to track their inventory simultaneously for their online & offline sales because tying together your brick & mortar store location with your website does have more moving parts to consider, especially if your site & store are popular.  Here are a few things you should consider to consolidate your online & offline presence.

1: A Solid Brand & a Secure Website

Ok, so that’s two for the price of one!  Your website & brand identity definitely go hand-in-hand, as you want your website to be highly reflective of your business & immediately identifiable with your company & there are a few reasons why you need a solid brand and a website.  For most of your customers, your website will be the first exposure they have with your business. They’ll hear about your store & go online to see what they can learn about you – better make it count! Your brand will be how your potential clients remember you, whether it’s via your website or at your physical location & it’s so much more than just a logo. It includes your marketing materials (which is usually how your clients recognize you – your business cards, postcards, & so on), your large street or building signage, your social media banners & ads.  Your logo & your information, products, & the overall look & feel your materials leave with your potential clients make an impression.  A solid brand that appeals to your target market isn’t a frill – it’s a necessity.

To go along with that solid brand, you need a solid, secure website.  Even if we assume that you don’t plan to sell your products online, having a website for informational purposes can save your staff hours of time spent on the phone answering questions. Also, considering the age we’re living in, nothing is more frustrating to a prospective client than to Google you & find bits & pieces of your business, but no actual website.  Sometimes, it might make a potential customer question the legitimacy or credibility of a business to find information via other entities like Yelp, but no info from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.  Consider a website to confirm your location & hours, provide contact information, provide instant access to information about any ongoing sales, or tell a bit about your products or services & your business’ vision & mission statement.  For many businesses, selling products online & taking advantage of being able to reach a much wider audience is something that is a real possibility, opening up their potential clientele to millions of people.  Setting up shop online is easy these days, so share the wealth!

2: Inventory Tracking

If you’re selling online & in-person & you’ve got stock to manage, you’re going to need some form of inventory tracking.  Our online & physical store set up uses technology that keeps tabs on your inventory — your online inventory syncs up with your physical location’s inventory — automatically.  Not only is it pretty dang cool (heck yeah, it’s cool!), but it’s such a time saver.  Using the link-up will save you valuable time & money so that you can focus your energy more wisely on your growing business & servicing your customers.

3: Training & Set-Up

The proper set-up for your equipment is going to be key to ensuring you can do business in a physical location.  We include a week — yes, a week — for set-up & training in our package.  It means that we actually travel to you to set up the terminal & ensure that everything is in working order.  Your physical store set-up is far more than purchasing equipment & hoping for the best, & we want to ensure that we’re providing the best possible personalized experience for you to ensure your business’ success.

You can spend a pretty penny on your brand, website, equipment to set up your point of sale terminal.  But, don’t spend a penny on it unless you’re getting trained up on it, too.  The knowledge that an expert can provide is invaluable.  Ensure that no matter who is setting up your physical location that you are trained properly!

Ok, so this post is a shameless plug of our services, but can you blame us? For the price tag on this package, we know that what you’re getting is a superior value & infinitely affordable for the savvy business owner. Contact us today to discuss your needs & let’s decide if we’re a good fit for one another. We look forward to making you more awesome!

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