Beck McCormick, Autumn Lane Paperie CEO

Beck McCormick, Autumn Lane Paperie CEO

Technically, I’m the CEO of Autumn Lane Paperie, but really, I want to spend my days making pretty things. I’m obsessed with fonts & flowers, wine & watercolor, travel & typography, coffee &…well, more coffee! I live in Southern California with my family — Jeff (my hubby + ALP VP), Lily, Kate, Ethan, Autumn, and Kirsten.  When I’m not doing the design thing with ALP, I’m probably doing the design thing elsewhere, too. I make fonts, too!

Beck McCormick, Autumn Lane Paperie CEO

No, really. The wheels are constantly turning, so much that my hubby winces anytime I say, “Hey, I had this idea….” Ideas make the world go ‘round. That’s one of the reasons I love, love, LOVE what I do! Branding is more than a logo — designing & developing a brand for any business takes ideas, a lot of work, and expertise.

Everyone has a story, and every business has someone standing behind that logo, that product, that interaction… Your brand has to be the perfect combo of you & your story, design, and appeal. I want to help you tell that story, and help your dreams become reality.

Autumn Lane Paperie family

About Autumn Lane Paperie

After moving to California from Georgia and saying goodbye to my photography business, Autumn Lane Paperie was born. I have been where you are, my friend, feeling that burning desire to do your own thing, be your own boss, and work passionately & tirelessly for something you want so badly. ALP started as a wedding stationery company, and transitioned to logos, branding, & websites. There was clearly a gap that ALP was able to fill, and we’ve continued to grow ever since. Not only did our clients need a cute, pretty, functional logo for a reasonable price, but they also needed a human connection and someone equally as invested in their success as they were.

Autumn Lane Paperie, family owned & operated

Before ALP completed its first year in business, we were two strong — my husband Jeff sold his successful landscaping company in order work with me. He’s the code-y website half of Autumn Lane, and is also the voice you’ll hear when you give us a call. There is no way ALP would run as smoothly as it does without him!

I’m so fortunate & thankful to have Jeff in my corner as a part of Autumn Lane. He’s been my biggest cheerleader when I have crazy ideas that I want to see come to life, and has always been so very supportive of me doing something that I love. Because of that, we’ve been able to grow leaps & bounds — our eldest daughter & graphic design undergrad student, Lily, also works with us to fill premade logo orders & a la carte item design.

We make a pretty badass team, if I do say so myself — families support each other, and push each other to pursue ventures fearlessly. I’ve always thought that with the right people in your corner, you can do anything. That’s part of the reason why we’ve seen great success, and why we went to be a part of yours.

About Autumn Lane Paperie Logo & Website Design
Autumn Lane Paperie Logo & Website Design

my philosophy

Starting your own business is an emotional, exhausting, and exhilarating thing. When you need help — like with a branding or a website — you want help from people that are like-minded and will give your “baby” the same attention you would. No matter what you need for your business, you should have a real, candid, authentic experience when you work with us. I want to connect with you on what you need, understand your goals, and brainstorm ways for you to connect with your own target audience. We’re not robots, and we don’t outsource. It’s all in house for us, which makes for a super personal experience, stellar customer service, and a solid end result that not only looks good, but makes you feel good, and attracts success.

Autumn Lane Paperie diverse experience

I’ve dabbled in the creative arts since high school, finding my way into a photography class due to a scheduling error.  I swore I would hate it.  Turns out, I didn’t — I loved it, and I’ve been into design ever since.  Everything I do in the design world is because I’m self-taught.  Experimenting, practicing, watching videos, & internet searches are how I’ve learned everything I know.  Jeff and I continue to enhance our education in the graphic & web design realms by taking courses, attending conventions & workshops, and ALWAYS seeking out more.

There are many people that believe in formal education for the arts.  I certainly don’t disagree with it, and I think it’s fantastic!   But, I also believe there is no substitute for real world experience.  I’m a firm believer in learning by doing, and well, we’ve done a lot!

Jeff and I are both Air Force veterans, with a combined 10 years of military service, and an additional 9 years of government service after that.  We worked alongside each other years ago, and we made a pretty dynamic team then as intelligence & language analysts.  Attention to detail was a must in our former jobs — intuition & training are a huge part of that, which we carry with us today.

Jeff & Beck, Autumn Lane Paperie

Jeff and I both have experience, prior to ALP, with owning & operating our own businesses.  Jeff’s owned multiple, successful landscaping ventures on both the east & west coasts, and I jumped into the creative professional realm with my own photography company.  I even took a huge chance in pursuit of something I loved by quitting a fabulous job with a steady income — yeah, it’s scary, but sometimes you just know you have to take that chance!  Sometimes, things don’t go as you hoped they’d go — moving from the east coast to the west coast really did a number on keeping my photography business going.  Being a part of something that didn’t work out was insanely difficult & emotionally taxing, but it’s given me experience and knowledge that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  I consider it an asset more than anything now, because I can apply that knowledge to what I do know.

I’ve done that degree thing, too.  On paper, it sort of seems like I’ve collected them — I completed my associate’s degree prior to my military service.  While I was still in the Air Force, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies.  It helped to seal the deal on my contracting gig, and the course work was super interesting.  I also have a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, which is something that I use every single day as it relates to the business world.  And, I’m also a few courses shy of a master’s degree in Psychology, but being a practicing psych probably isn’t for me.  You might say I’m a serial student, or maybe a glutton for punishment.  Truthfully, I love learning.  I’ve been out of school since the beginning of 2016…the first time ever that I’ve never been in school or in training.  Do I miss it?  DUH, yes, I do — but not writing papers!!

We wouldn’t be able to provide you with the experience & knowledge that we currently do without these experiences.  They’re something I definitely hold near & dear to my heart — they’ve shaped me as a person, a friend, a mom, and a professional.

Beck McCormick, Autumn Lane Paperie CEO