Advertising on Instagram

Good News – Instagram Now Allows Boosted Posts!

Good news for those of us who have been eagerly awaiting changes to capabilities for advertising on Instagram – they recently began allowing business accounts to boost their individual posts directly on Instagram! Previously the only way for small businesses to advertise on Instagram was via boosted posts & ad creation on their Facebook business account & we’ve been expecting this change for a while now, considering the fact that Facebook purchased Instagram some time back & had already made algorithmic changes to Instagram users’ newsfeeds, similar to how Facebook handles its content.

Facebook business pages still retain the ability for advertising on Instagram as before – when a business page creates a Facebook ad, they can still publish it to both Facebook & Instagram. Now, however, they’re able to get more fine-grained metrics on their posts & ads on Instagram with the recently added direct advertising capability.

The recent change to Instagram’s advertising is a long-awaited & welcome addition to user capabilities – read more about it on their page. While this is good news, the content & composition of your Instagram ads is going to be the major determining factor of how well advertising on Instagram works for your business.

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