Autumn Lane Paperie Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions


Thanks so much for your interest in our affiliate program!  We’d be thrilled to have you on board.  Here’s a bit of information about what our affiliate program is, how to become an affiliate, and of course, what’s in it for you!

What is the Autumn Lane Paperie Affiliate Program?

So many of our clients have referred new clients to us, and a few clients have even asked if we have an affiliate program in place.  Put simply, our affiliate program allows you to refer people to us, and you get paid for it!

How does this work?

Each ALP affiliate will have a unique identifier that they can add to the end of each URL for anything on our website.  When someone clicks on a link you provide, this handy-dandy technology tracks their purchases.  When the purchase is completed, you get paid for it!

How do I apply?

If you’d like to become an affiliate, simply click the link below.  We’re currently running through a very simple vetting process for each affiliate, and will require you to agree to a few rules — for example, we’re super excited for you to share the news of ALP’s awesome designs, but we don’t want you to spam people.

Click here to apply to our affiliate program.

What do I get?

10% of each purchase!  That means for a $17 USD premade logo that someone purchases through your referral link, you would receive $1.70.  For a basic branding, priced at $300 USD, you’d receive $30.  Yes, you can even earn for website + Experience referrals — not even kidding!  Who knew you could get paid for sharing a link?!

In addition to this, you’ll also receive a percentage of your referrals’ future purchases, as well, for a period of xx days following their first purchase!

What are some good ways to provide my affiliate link to people?

For starters, word of mouth/e-mail is a great way.  If you know someone in need of a website or logo design, send them a link to our website.  If you’re one of our clients, and someone tells you that your logo is awesome, that would be a great opportunity to let them know how they can get one themselves through your affiliate link.

If community rules allow it, you’re welcome to post in places like Facebook groups or other forums.

Other places that are DEFINITELY great places to place an affiliate link or share affiliate images are:

  • Your profile (Instagram, etc.)
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Your own website or blog

Do you have any additional information?

Yes, of course!  Whenever you complete your application to be an affiliate, and you receive approval, we’ll provide you a packet of information that you’ll find quite helpful.  We’ll even provide you some cute little graphics to help you share the news of our program for your website, social media, and so on!

Other Questions

I’m not in the US, does it work any differently for me?

Nope! As long as you have a PayPal account, you can get paid for your referrals’ purchases.

Do I have to be a client?

We’d LOVE for you to be one of our clients, but it is currently not a requirement to participate in our program.

Can I purchase through my own affiliate link?

No, you may not sign up to be an affiliate and complete a purchase through your own link.  Doing so will result in your affiliate program termination and your order being cancelled.



An affiliate may not purchase through their own affiliate link.  Doing so will result in your affiliate program termination, and your order being cancelled.

Any suspicious activity may result in your affiliate program termination; i.e., applying to be a part of the program as one person, and then purchasing as another person with the affiliate link.

An affiliate agrees to share Autumn Lane Paperie links in a professional manner.  No spamming allowed, and be honest & transparent about the fact that you are acting as an affiliate.  Do not provide false information regarding offerings when acting as an affiliate.  Please act in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines if you are posting the links on your website.

Please note that at this time, any purchases made by your referrals using Apple Pay may not be counted towards referrals. This is a known issue & an update to the software to resolve this is being crafted as you read this.