The Autumn Lane Paperie Branding Experience

The ALP Experience is *the best* way to go from idea to something truly amazeballs! It’s our turnkey package, which includes everything from research & analysis, gorgeous, effective branding, and a super chic website. It’s also the best choice if you’re an established brand, looking to jazz up your look with a new brand and a new website. Why? A rebrand is not a haphazard decision to make — your brand can make or break your business, and when you’re already established, you’ve got to be careful. We’ve got the attention to detail to make this the easiest decision you’ve ever made, regardless of whether you’re a start-up or rocking your biz already.

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Autumn Lane Paperie's Business Branding Experience
Autumn Lane Paperie, it's a match if
  • you want nothing but the best for your venture. You know that your success hinges on first impressions, and you definitely want to wow everyone.
  • you want & need a truly unique, eye-catching brand & web presence…from start to finish, we’ll take care of you. You would describe your brand as chic, feminine, flirty, modern, sassy, and beautiful…with a little bit of grit & edge, if you want it!
  • you have an awesome idea, and need some help making it a reality by having a badass brand and a sweet website — we’ll take the wheel & make it happen!
  • you need a rebrand and a new website, all around. Rebranding, versus starting a brand, is very involved and must be carefully executed. We’ll do it all for you, and ease your transition from the old into the brand spankin’ new.
The Autumn Lane Paperie Branding Experience
The Autumn Lane Paperie Branding Experience
Autumn Lane Paperie, what you should know
  • Startup, or started up already, this is the real deal! It’s a full package, designed to help you & your business have the best chance for success. With our expertise and mad skills, we’ll take the wheel on your brand & website so that you can focus on your business — we’re betting you’ve got a pretty full schedule already, so let us lighten the load.
  • You’ll receive a research report, a full brand, and a functional responsive website with your order! Your brand includes a custom logo, two sublogos, color palette, patterns, and 15 collateral items. We’ll make recommendations on your collateral items, if you need advice! Your website, if you need it to be, can be an e-commerce website — fully functional, yet gorgeous. We’ll include a blog for you, author content that hooks ‘em, and make it easy for your clients to contact you through your website.
  • Have concerns & questions for your business? Need some advice for choosing a name, tagline, or more? This is it. Since we do research ahead of anything else, we’ll be able to make recommendations and advise you. Business advice isn’t something we take lightly, so take advantage of the research we do — we’ll answer those burning questions for you and provide a fresh perspective.
  • Support — it’s everything. We’ll always be available for questions & help. Putting you on the path toward success is what we aim to do.
Autumn Lane Paperie, how our process works
  • Questionnaires all over! You wouldn’t believe the wealth of information we can get from our questionnaires for each part of your fabulous new brand. We’ll get those sent off to you with instructions on which order to complete things. Don’t worry — even though they cover a lot of information, it’s super easy to fill out!
  • Research & analysis is performed ahead of everything pretty in this package, because we want the best for you. Research leads to solid, better branding, and ultimately, a visually stunning and functional website. Our research is specific — it’s about your industry, your business, and how to totally rock it.
  • We’ll present three concepts for your brand — I love to show you how the logo, sublogos, color palette, and patterns will work together for your brand. You’ll choose a concept to work with, and if we need to revise, we’ll fine tune! Once the concept has been fully finalized, we’ll work on your collateral items.
  • We’ll be working on your collateral materials & website in tandem — effective & maximizing cohesion! Once your website has been designed, we’ll call on you for your feedback — more fine-tuning is in order to totally perfect your web presence! After your final approval, we’ll turn over your website to you!