Autumn Lane Paperie Website Design
Autumn Lane Paperie Website Design

Remember when mobile phones came in a bag, and you played Solitaire on a computer that took up half of a room? Is it not INSANE that anyone can have their own website now, and make a business online?! Our custom website services take the guess work out of designing your own website. Who wants to use stale drag & drop templates? Ew. Basically, we put the FUN in FUNctional. Not only is your website going to look gorgeous & attract customers, it’ll also be easy to navigate and responsive — a total must for a business owner on the go these days!

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Autumn Lane Paperie, it's a match if

  • you’re in need of a custom website to elevate your brand + business, appeal to your clients, and do more awesome things
  • you have this dreamy idea for your website and you need someone to bring it to life
  • your hopes & ideas for your website are too big to be forced into a template with limited customization options
  • you want to open up shop online and you need an easy to use, but fabulous looking e-commerce website to sell some amazing stuff
  • you’re a blogger, and want to make it big with a responsive, feminine blog that appeals to your readers
  • you’re tired of the lack of options with your current DIY website platform & the lack of support
  • you want a customized, personal experience, full of creative collaboration for your website
Autumn Lane Paperie Website Design
Autumn Lane Paperie Website Design
Autumn Lane Paperie, what you should know
  • We use WordPress exclusively. It’s sleek, powerful, and super easy to learn. We work with industry standard software to keep your website fast, secure, and looking amazing all the time.
  • ALL of our websites are responsive. That means your website is gonna look fab on your desktop computer, your iPad, and your iPhone. What does that mean for you? The ability to blow ‘em away no matter how they find you and do more business.
  • We always want to support you. You’ll always be chatting US if you need help. We also offer on-going maintenance services for your website if you need a helping hand.
  • Not only do we design websites, but we also offer hosting, domain name registration, e-mail, SEO, content authoring, & more. We’ll be here for you from conceptualization to execution — start to finish! We want to be your everything!
Autumn Lane Paperie, how our process works
  • So, you’re ready to have a custom website? Let’s roll! We’re thrilled to discuss your needs, hopes, & dreams for your future website. Feel free to e-mail us, or set up a time to chat. We’ll help you figure out what the best option is for you. If you don’t have a brand yet, we’d strongly suggest checking out our branding options — what’s a fabulous website without an equally fabulous brand?
  • Once you’ve taken the plunge, we’ll set you up with our website questionnaire. This is where you’ll detail the purpose of your website, your goals, & what you’d like to see on your website.
  • We’ll put our heads together and come up with a stunning design based on what you’ve noted in your questionnaire — all the bells & whistles, responsiveness, functionality, you name it! We’ll work on authoring some content for your website, too.
  • While we’re working on constructing your website, you’ve got a job to do! We’ll need product images, beautiful pictures of your smiling face, and any specific verbiage you’d like to see, like product descriptions or a few blog posts ready to roll. We’ll get ya set up with an easy-to-use Dropbox folder to manage all of this stuff.
  • Your website unveil — take a look at your website in action, and make your list of feedback & tweaks you’d like to see. We’ll revise, get it all in order, and then…
  • Voila! Your website is done! You’re ready to officially launch your website, share it with your family & friends, and really take your business to the next level!