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Brand Brag: Aussie Star Resources

Meet Amy, y’all! Amy is one of our Australian clients that we had the pleasure of working with around the Christmas + New Years time of year.  Amy’s business, Aussie Star Resources, is designed to help other teachers with some amazing educational resources. Check out her brand!     Tell us a bit about how […]

More Brush Script Goodness

More brush script goodness for y’all today.  I’ve been crushing on these brush script fonts for a while, so I thought I’d share some more favorites with you!  I swear I can’t get enough, but then again…  I am a total font junkie!   Alegance Evenfall (comes with an italic option, too!) Lovetime Selima — […]

Real Talk: My Biggest Struggle as a Business Owner

Real talk: My biggest struggle as a business owner is standing up for myself and not allowing someone to take advantage of me. Starting out, I felt frantic and desperate to close a sale.  I didn’t have a ton of proof of my work, my reputation, or anything like that.  Sometimes, I felt frustrated and […]

How to Handle Friends + Family That Don’t Want to Pay

I make mention here & there about friends & families expecting handouts when you start a new business that might be beneficial to them.  I also make mention of the creative professional job field and how it’s often not taken seriously. Some of the posts are a little snarky and angsty, let’s be real.  I’ll […]

Font Crush Time!

It’s font crush time!  I know it’s only February, y’all…but wedding season is upon us!  It’s right around the corner, and you know what that means?  Invitations.  Autumn Lane had its start in wedding invitations (hence the “Paperie” in our biz name) & paper products.  Even though that’s not our jam anymore, I love to […]