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Responsive Images: A How-To

how to make responsive images

Hey guys! Jeff here with a quick, down & dirty website DIY tip on how to make responsive images. We pride ourselves on helping our clients out on their website projects but let’s be realistic – not everyone wants to have a professional put their website together for them, whether it’s for budgetary reasons, personal […]

Say Hello to The Wylde Rose Boutique

Say Hello to The Wylde Rose Boutique We recently had the pleasure of helping Dani Cameron launch her online boutique, The Wylde Rose, out of New Braunfels, Texas, & we thought it might be fun for those of you that read our blog to get to know a little about Dani & what makes her […]

Excellent Article on SEO for Business

SEO for Business, in-house or outsource? One thing that has been a continual struggle for us has been trying to explain the complexity of search engine optimization (SEO) for a website, or SEO for business. We get asked all the time if we offer ongoing SEO services & at this point in time, the short […]

Changes at ALP & Another Blog Feature

Changes at ALP & More It’s no secret that we run a family business & recently we’ve formalized what we’ve been doing more & more of in past months, which is working with Lily, our eldest daughter. Lily is an artistic amazement, given the fact that she comes from a family line of military, farming, […]

WordPress Security Primary Focus at Event

WordPress Security Updates For those of you who watch the news on anything web-related or have web geeks (like myself) as friends, you’re probably aware that security is a big concern when it comes to your website & a WordPress website is no exception. Since WordPress is open source, anyone can write code that can […]

Advertising on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram Good News – Instagram Now Allows Boosted Posts! Good news for those of us who have been eagerly awaiting changes to capabilities for advertising on Instagram – they recently began allowing business accounts to boost their individual posts directly on Instagram! Previously the only way for small businesses to advertise on Instagram […]

We Just Introduced New Premade Logo Styles

We’ve Got New Premade Logo Styles! Hey there, ALP fans! We just listed some brand-spanking new premade logo styles in our shop for your viewing pleasure.  While we aren’t quite to the point where we want to DESIGN ALL THE THINGS! we are beginning to introduce new styles that have been requested by several of […]

What the heck is website SEO?

Website SEO These words are enough to paralyze the average website owner nowadays, especially if they’re just beginning their foray into the digital melee that is the modern day inter-webs. If you’re trying to figure out the difference between Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird & the like, you probably have a good idea what you’re doing with […]