Autumn Lane Paperie Basic Branding Package
Autumn Lane Paperie Basic Branding Package

Your logo, your color palette, your business cards — these make up your brand’s visual identity, and they’re usually how your business makes its first impression. You might have the best product ever, the coolest customer service around, and the greatest personality ever…but if your brand doesn’t match, you run the risk of losing people or making a bad impression. I mean, you wouldn’t go to your dream job interview looking disheveled in last week’s pajamas, would you?? It goes without saying that you want to make the best first impression possible, right? Right. So, let’s get to it!

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Autumn Lane Paperie, it's a match if
  • you don’t want the headache of trying to design beautiful business cards, sassy social media headers, or posh postcards
  • you know how important a cohesive visual identity is, but don’t have a large budget
  • you have a really good idea for your logo concept, and simply need someone to take what’s in your head and make it a reality
  • you are rockin’ every part of your business and want your visual identity to match
Autumn Lane Paperie Premade Logos
Autumn Lane Paperie, what you should know
  • Basic Branding is an excellent, cost effective way for you to have a custom logo and other branded elements to help your visual identity.
  • Logo files are provided as flattened .psd, .png, .jpg, .pdf. We’re also happy to include .ai, .eps, or .svg files upon request, no additional charges! Any print materials will be delivered based on the printer’s specifications; any web materials will be provided according to specifications.
  • We allow two revision rounds on all items, once the initial proofing is provided to you. Additional revision rounds are available for purchase, should you need them.
  • Our basic package includes one custom logo, two sublogos, color palette, pattern, and five collateral materials of your choice. For more design-intensive items, more than one collateral item may be used.
Autumn Lane Paperie, how our process works
  • We’re happy to communicate with you via e-mail (or you can give us a call) to determine which branding option might fit best for you, since we do offer a custom logo package, and a basic branding package.
  • Once you’ve decided which package you think would be the best fit & you’ve made your investment, I’ll get you set up with our web-based questionnaire. We’ll cover topics such as your goals, color preferences, font preferences, & more!
  • Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire & clearing up any question marks, I’ll give you a date to expect your logo proofing. I’ll design based on the concept & details you’ve provided. From there, we’ll revise if necessary, and continue with sublogos, color palette, and branded collateral materials.
  • When all files are approved for finalization, we’ll send you a Dropbox link to download them.
  • Shout it from the roof tops, share on social media, and brag about your beautiful new brand!