We’re excited to introduce you to Lauren and Chelsea of Doulas of Long Beach.  It’s always pretty cool for us to work with a client that is local to us!

Tell us a bit about how you got started with your business / blog / venture that we branded.

Doulas of Long Beach is the second doula agency owned and operated by Lauren Jacobs & Chelsea Croce in Southern California. Our sister agency, Doulas of Orange County, serves OC and the surrounding areas, while Doulas of Long Beach serves Long Beach, the South Bay and parts of South LA. We established these doula agencies in order to assist expectant and new families in finding the best support for their birth & parenting journeys. In our years as independent doulas, we struggled to cultivate community and a model of comprehensive care and always felt limited to the number of families we could serve at one time. But coming together as partners to build these agencies, we found that we could not only serve more families but that we could elevate and uphold professional standards that are much needed in our profession. There is nothing like this in the Long Beach area and we greatly feel the need for it. Not only do we desire to support more and more families in the years to come, but we also hope to bring the doula community together for the betterment of this career.


What products or services do you offer?

We offer professional birth and postpartum doula support, placenta encapsulation, night nanny services, belly binding, lactation support, and prenatal & parenting education. Basically, any type of support you need or want during the childbearing years! Our team of doulas is second to none. We work hard to maintain relevant certifications, attend continuing education workshops & seminars, and present ourselves professionally in everything we do so as to create cohesive care for all of our clients.


What’s the best advice you have for someone that is interested in doing something similar to you?

Create a business plan, decide what type of agency you want to be and take the leap! This is an incredible job, but it requires long hours and selfless dedication, so we always recommend having plans and practices in place to make things run as smoothly as possible, allowing you to have some work-life balance.


Tell our readers a bit about the branding process!

We really wanted to create a brand that embodied the vibrant Long Beach community. We went back and forth for a while on creating a vintage beach town vibe or something more minimalist. In the end we chose minimalist, but with a vibe that still reflected the beach lifestyle… hence the palm leaf! One we honed in on that vibe, the decisions were pretty easy! Going through the process with Autumn Lane was pretty painless too. Their questionnaires brought up questions we hadn’t thought of and made it that much easier to zero in on what we wanted our brand to communicate to our clientele.


What does the future hold for you?

That’s a loaded question, because we are both big dreamers. We have lots of plans for the future, but for now our biggest goal is to work hard and make an impact to improve prenatal, maternity, and postpartum care for every family and every choice.


If you’re local to the Orange County & Long Beach area, feel free to reach out to Chelsea & Lauren — hi@doulasoflb.com.

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