We’re excited to introduce you to another one of our lovely clients, Emily!  Emily is the gal behind Emily Corinne Health Coaching.

Tell us a bit about how you got started with your business / blog / venture that we branded.

I love the science behind how our bodies works when it is fed good quality REAL foods! I have been overweight most of my life but have also always had a fascination with how your body functions properly and they way it feels (and looks, of course!) better when you feed it right. I realized this is where I was wanting my focus to be. So I became a Certified Health Coach and want help overweight women to loose the weight they have been wanting to lose and feel more confident with themselves. I know the struggle and the process on transforming your body all to well through my own personal experience.

What products or services do you offer?

I am currently working on offering a 12 week group program called the Bye Belly 12 Week Transformation. I will also be offering this same transformation to women who would like to work 1:1 instead of in a group. I plan to be up and ready to deliver my programs by May 1st, 2018!

What’s the best advice you have for someone that is interested in doing something similar to you?

Don’t do it all yourself. When I was first starting I thought I had to figure it all out and create everything myself. Don’t reinvent the wheel! Seek professionals like Autumn Lane Paperie, and a coach to help make your journey as smooth as possible.

Tell our readers a bit about the branding process!

The branding process through Autumn Lane Paperie was so simple! Lily and I worked together and it was like she could envision exactly what I was thinking! She really made the process smooth and hassle free. One of the hardest decisions for me to decide was the font. There are so many amazing ones to choose from that I just couldn’t decide. I explained what I liked and Lily picked out fonts that were a perfect fit. I truly think that the branding that I got from Autumn Lane Paperie will make me look more professional and has set me up for success. It is unique and people will be able to spot me out.

What does the future hold for you?

A LOT! But how knows exactly what at this stage. I can say I will definitely continue doing business with Autumn Lane Paperie to expand my brand. This was truly an easy and amazing process. I also hope to become well know and sought after for my ability to truly help women lose weight.

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