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Tell us a bit about how you got started with your business / blog / venture that we branded.


My husband and I are both chiropractors that own and operate 5 offices throughout Florida. After being in practice for 5 years we have had many people come into the office wanting to get under care, but they don’t have health insurance and can’t afford to pay out of pocket. The state of healthcare in our country is declining and the cost of health insurance is rising. This is something we want to change within our community and nationally. My passion has always been to provide everyone, including those that can’t afford it, the opportunity to get healthy under chiropractic care. This is why I started The Chiro Foundation. We provide high quality chiropractic care to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.

What products or services do you offer?


Our organization provides high quality chiropractic care that includes examinations, x-rays, and specific adjustments. We get to the root cause of health conditions instead of just covering up symptoms so true health can be achieved.


What’s the best advice you have for someone that is interested in doing something similar to you?


The best advice I would give someone that wants to start a non-profit is to do your research about organizations that already exist. You may find one that already exists that you can partner with.


Tell our readers a bit about the branding process!


Autumn Lane Paperie made the branding process so incredibly easy. They really emphasize being very specific and taking your time answering their questions so that they make sure you get exactly what you want. Lily was amazing to work with and came up with the perfect designs for us. This has been way different than companies we have used in the past.


What does the future hold for you?


I hope the future holds many great blessings! I hope to have our nonprofit organization move into its own location and then eventually go national with the next few years.


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