Custom Logo & Branding FAQ

What do I receive in each of the packages?

Our package breakdown is as follows:
Custom Logo Only, $135 USD – includes the custom logo only
Custom Logo Package, $190 USD – includes the custom logo design, two sublogos, color palette, and a pattern element
Basic Branding, $300 USD – includes the custom logo design, two sublogos, color palette, pattern element, and five collateral items

Two revision rounds after the presentation of the initial proofing is allowed for each item! Should you need additional revision rounds, we can quote you for those!

What is a sub logo?

A sub logo is an alternate version of your logo. It’s also called a submark.

What is a collateral item?

A collateral item is branded material that works cohesively with your brand in order for you to market yourself & your business as best as possible! Business cards, social media headers, post cards, and stickers are all examples of collateral materials. We’re happy to design whatever you might need for your brand, but some design intensive materials might require the use of more than one collateral item in your package.

How long does branding take?

Our custom logo averages 2-3 weeks, and branding 4-6 weeks. We provide our questionnaire to you quickly after receiving your order so that you can begin describing what you’d like your brand to be. We allot about 1-1.5 weeks for the logo design itself, and a bit of time to refine & perfect. Our process is quite collaborative, so you won’t go for weeks at a time without hearing from us!

Do you rush branding?

We do not! While we understand your excitement, and occasional time crunch, branding is quite serious and can often be the make-or-break detail for your company. Because of this, we cannot offer a rush service for custom design — we want to ensure that we give your brand the attention it deserves.

Do I get the rights to the logo?

Because our custom pieces are designed specifically for you, we’re happy for you to submit them for trademark.

Do you have a recommended printer?

Moo or Vistaprint are our go-to professional labs! We can vouch for their service and quality products. We’re not affiliated with either lab; we simply use them for our own services!

Do you have payment options available?

At this time, we do not offer payment options for our custom logo + basic branding packages. Payment is due in full prior to beginning the process & receiving the questionnaire. Ultimate Branding & Experience clients do have payment options available!