Autumn Lane Paperie Brick & Mortar eCommerce

So many of our online shop clients go on to open physical locations at a later date; others come to us and brand their businesses that have a physical location — we’re so thrilled to be able to see yet another major business process from start to finish with this package. It’s literally, like, everything! Research & analysis, a brand, a website, equipment & set-up of your in-store payment system, and in-person training with us! That’s right, we’ll come hang out with you — we’ll get you set up, trained up, and on the up and up! You won’t want to seek out anything else with this package — it even includes sweet inventory syncing — website to point of sales terminal without even lifting a finger!

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The Autumn Lane Paperie Brick & Mortar eCommerce Package
Autumn Lane Paperie, it's a match if
  • You’re ready for a rockin’ online presence and in-person experience for your clients
  • You need some awesome equipment and assistance to get your brick & mortar location up and running smoothly and seamlessly
  • You want to focus on your customers and your actual business, NOT the worry of creating a foolproof, beautiful brand, website, and equipment set-up — we’ll remove the headache for you, leading you down the path to pure epicness.
  • You need a brand + website to go with your physical location — why stay only local when you know you could be so much bigger?!
  • You need a point of sale terminal for your physical location that syncs inventory up with your website, and you need help setting it up and getting your employees trained.
Autumn Lane Paperie, what you should know
  • Research is a big deal, just like your business. We’ll lead off with that, before we move into the branding process. Your brand will include three brand concepts presented to you — final files will include your custom logo, two sublogos, color palette, pattern, and five collateral items designed for your brand. We’ll also design your beautiful website to match.
  • Your package includes top of the line equipment — an iPad’s definitely part of that — who doesn’t love an iPad? We’ll get everything in order and totally set up for you in person!
  • Traveling to your location is a part of this package. We believe in your business venture, and we want to make sure that we’re setting you up for a successful start. We’ll provide one week of in-person, on-location training for you & your employees.
  • We’ll perform a wifi audit at your location for security. We want to ensure that security is maximized to protect you & your customers — no one wants personal info being broadcast everywhere, so we’ll ensure that your security is in tip-top shape!
  • Support is always crucial when you’re starting someone new, or jumping into realms where you aren’t as familiar. You may know your boutique’s offerings like the back of your hand and sell ‘em like a pro, but setting up your equipment to do so shouldn’t be a hassle for you — we’ll do it!
Autumn Lane Paperie, how our process works
  • Your success is our success — research & analysis is central to that. We’ll write up a report to help you & your business. That same report will also help us to form a solid brand identity for your business.
  • Your branding and your website will be worked on together to maximize cohesion. We’ll present brand identity concepts to you, fine-tune, and then work on collateral items while we’re building a dreamy, yet functional, website for your customers near & far.
  • We’ll come hang out with you! Once we’ve gotten the brand & website in place, we’ll travel to your location to help you set up all of the items for your in-person sales. The equipment we’ll be providing is sleek & modern, and efficient! Your point of sale terminal will be set up for you, and then, we’ll get you totally trained up on it.