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How to View ALL Fonts on Your Computer

For as long as I’ve been designing, I’ve always wanted or needed a way to look at & compare fonts for branding projects that I’m working on.  I have yet to find the *perfect* way to do this, but I do have a way that is pretty damn cool!  It’s called — check out […]

How to Manage a Business While Still Doing Life

A while back, I put some feelers out to my Instagram followers.  I asked what my followers — my friends, my family, and my client-friends — would want to read or learn about.  The overwhelming response was how to manage a business, while still doing life.  How do I run a business, take care of […]

How to Show Your Creative Professional That You Value Them

I want to tell you how to show your creative professional that you value them.  I’ll tell you how, SUPER early on in this post, so you don’t have to read further if you don’t want to.  (But you should.) Pay them what they’re asking. I’ve been in the creative professional realm for years now.  […]

Three Tips on How to Build Trust in Your Brand

A trustworthy brand is so important if you expect to make it as a business.  The trust that you can build will lead to that initial “leap of faith” with a purchase, and continued trust-building will likely lead to additional purchases, as well as referrals.  Basically, building trust in your brand is crucial to establishing […]