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Responsive Images: A How-To

how to make responsive images

Hey guys! Jeff here with a quick, down & dirty website DIY tip on how to make responsive images. We pride ourselves on helping our clients out on their website projects but let’s be realistic – not everyone wants to have a professional put their website together for them, whether it’s for budgetary reasons, personal […]

ALP Tutorial: Watermarking in PicMonkey & WordSwag

ALP Tutorial: Watermarking in PicMonkey & WordSwag   Well, hello there!  Mary here again, and welcome back to your watermarking tutorial with Autumn Lane.  Last week, we covered Photoshop and Lightroom.  This week, let’s talk about a few other ways we can get that gorgeous new logo of yours onto some of your branding, images, […]

I’ve Been Hiding a Dirty Little Secret from You

Y’all.  I have a confession to make.  I haven’t been entirely honest.  I’ve been hiding a dirty little secret from you. All of the blog posts you’ve been seeing?  The social media postings? I wasn’t posting them. I have a secret. More like a SECRET WEAPON!!!! Did y’all start paying attention?  Move closer to your […]

How to Make a Photoshop Brush for Easy Watermarking

Hey Photoshop folks!  Photographers, I’m looking at you!  Do you know how to make a Photoshop brush?  It’s super simple, and one of the easiest ways to watermark your images.  Let me show you how to make a Photoshop Brush for easy watermarking! I frequently get asked how to use the logo files that we […]

Three Ways to Find Success in Your Business

Oh hey! Did you think this was going to be a quick and easy instructional to magically make your business successful? Sorry — running your own business is seriously tough stuff, and there’s no secret formula to make it work. I’m not talking about raking in the benjamins here — I’m talking personal success. Think […]

Real Talk: My Biggest Struggle as a Business Owner

Real talk: My biggest struggle as a business owner is standing up for myself and not allowing someone to take advantage of me. Starting out, I felt frantic and desperate to close a sale.  I didn’t have a ton of proof of my work, my reputation, or anything like that.  Sometimes, I felt frustrated and […]

How to Manage a Business While Still Doing Life

A while back, I put some feelers out to my Instagram followers.  I asked what my followers — my friends, my family, and my client-friends — would want to read or learn about.  The overwhelming response was how to manage a business, while still doing life.  How do I run a business, take care of […]