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ALP Tutorial: Cropping Images

Easy Peasy, Crop It, Pleasy!   Mary here, with another ALP Tutorial!  Cropping images basically an image adjustment that allows you to better frame a subject, or take out all of that “extra” stuff in an image.  We’re providing this tutorial so that our lovely clients can gain a little more knowledge on the DIY […]

ALP Tutorial – Taking Better Pictures

Oh, SNAP!  Taking Better Pictures, with your phone Mary here, with another ALP Tutorial!  Sometimes when I’m searching across the internet, looking for a new shirt, coffee cup or anything, I come across pictures for daysss!  Product photography is super important.  Presentation is everything and the way the shop presents their product.  BUT, product photography […]

ALP Tutorial: Would you like to resize that?

Would you like to resize that? Yes, yes you would! And why would you want to resize it?  Oh, any number of reasons.  Optimization, fitting a specific pre-determined space…etc.  Oh!  And saving you money! Bigger is not always better.  We provide our logo files in large format, with a resized file — this ensures you […]

Responsive Images: A How-To

how to make responsive images

Hey guys! Jeff here with a quick, down & dirty website DIY tip on how to make responsive images. We pride ourselves on helping our clients out on their website projects but let’s be realistic – not everyone wants to have a professional put their website together for them, whether it’s for budgetary reasons, personal […]

ALP Tutorial: Watermarking in PicMonkey & WordSwag

ALP Tutorial: Watermarking in PicMonkey & WordSwag   Well, hello there!  Mary here again, and welcome back to your watermarking tutorial with Autumn Lane.  Last week, we covered Photoshop and Lightroom.  This week, let’s talk about a few other ways we can get that gorgeous new logo of yours onto some of your branding, images, […]

I’ve Been Hiding a Dirty Little Secret from You

Y’all.  I have a confession to make.  I haven’t been entirely honest.  I’ve been hiding a dirty little secret from you. All of the blog posts you’ve been seeing?  The social media postings? I wasn’t posting them. I have a secret. More like a SECRET WEAPON!!!! Did y’all start paying attention?  Move closer to your […]

How to Make a Photoshop Brush for Easy Watermarking

Hey Photoshop folks!  Photographers, I’m looking at you!  Do you know how to make a Photoshop brush?  It’s super simple, and one of the easiest ways to watermark your images.  Let me show you how to make a Photoshop Brush for easy watermarking! I frequently get asked how to use the logo files that we […]

Three Ways to Find Success in Your Business

Oh hey! Did you think this was going to be a quick and easy instructional to magically make your business successful? Sorry — running your own business is seriously tough stuff, and there’s no secret formula to make it work. I’m not talking about raking in the benjamins here — I’m talking personal success. Think […]