Website Feature: Dr. Mushtaq, Pawsitive Care Animal Hospital, Manassas, VA

Pawsitive Care Animal Hospital Manassas, VA
Pawsitive Care Animal Hospital, Manassas, VA

Dr. Usman Mushtaq is a veterinarian who’s recently opened up his own clinic in Manassas, Virginia – he’s a dedicated family man that enjoys traveling with his family when he’s not working … and we’re not on lockdown. Dr. Mushtaq completed his clinical evaluation in 2013 from Oquendo center in Las Vegas, then moved to Ontario, Canada, where he practiced there for the next two years. He returned to the United States in 2015, moving to the Virginia area, where he kicked off  his US career as part of a a very large, corporate organization, which afforded him insight into the area’s specific veterinary needs.

After working in multiple locations including Sterling, Tysons Corner, Fair Lakes, and Gainesville, Dr. Mushtaq decided that the time was right for him to open a new animal hospital that’s focused more on personal care than satisfying shareholders. With his special interests in preventative medicine, internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, and academia, there’s no question that Dr. Mushtaq’s practice, Pawsitive Animal Hospital, is a welcome addition to the Manassas, VA area. As an expert in his field, he has trained multiple new graduates and externs, ensuring that the up & coming vets are learning sound practices.

As Dr. Mushtaq was putting the finishing touches on his office, he approached us about setting up his website, which we were thrilled to do – every single one of us at ALP is an animal lover & we literally jumped at the chance to work with a veterinarian with an excellent rapport with his patients’ owners as Dr. Mushtaq. We can safely say that we’d do this one all over again, if we were given the opportunity!

At Pawsitive Care Animal Hospital we are committed to providing quality care at every stage of your pet’s life. From routine preventive care for your pets to early detection and treatment of a wide range of conditions and diseases and surgical care. We Also empower our clients to make the best educated decisions about their pets’ health and lifestyle.

Website Feature: OroSpot, Modern & Vintage Jewelers

Jewelry from OroSpot, Modern & Vintage Jewelers

OroSpot are Jewelers who create unique modern & vintage jewelry, the flagship of which are their Modern and Vintage Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands. We were privileged to migrate their dated website over to a new WordPress/WooCommerce design, making it much easier for them to manage their products & clients. Similarly, their new website enabled them to take advantage of a robust development & support system. With WordPress being the most popular CMS in the world & WooCommerce the most popular eCommerce solution in the world, there are countless plugins & service integrations available to eCommerce sites similar to OroSpot’s.

Peter & company have been in business several years & have a keen eye for the details required to produce fine jewelry & can do so at a fraction of the cost of traditional jewelry stores.

OroSpot also provides jewelry education for the buyer to consider before & after the sale, to ensure that their customers are happy for generations to come.

Precious metal setting is a significant factor to consider while choosing a ring that will match the person’s style. The type of metal setting is especially important when pairing the engagement ring with the wedding ring.

Website Feature: Coral Lane Event Rentals, Kaufman, Texas

Owners of Coral Lane Event Rentals, Kaufman, TX

Lindsey & Natalie were school teachers & friends when they first started Coral Lane Event Rentals in Kaufman, TX & I can still remember walking through the Houston airport talking to them on the phone about some initial things right after we started working on their website – I wasn’t convinced that the way that they wanted to handle their rentals would be the best because it was a good bit pricier than a solution that I had proposed to them & I was worried about undue financial stress. They were pretty adamant about doing it the way that they had discussed based on feedback from other event rental business owners that they had spoken with, so we worked it into their website & I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they had gone full time in their event rental business in what I would call a pretty short time after launching. Not only that but when the occasional software conflict came up with the solution that they were using, the staff of the solution were incredibly prompt, pleasant, and professional in their replies & code upgrades to address the conflicts.

In an even shorter time period than it had taken them to go full time with their rental business, they had opened up an event venue in Kaufman, Texas, called the Emerson. This was GREAT! We loved the fact that these ladies were totally rocking their dreams & making a huge splash in their neck of the woods. As you may expect, this meant a lot of work, so they had to bring on additional bodies to help out & they’ve continued to grow & blow everyone away along the way.

Keep it up, ladies!

Branding Coordinator + Assistant Venue Manager, Coral Lane Event Rentals, Kaufman, TX

Lindsey & Natalie, the dynamic duo who started Coral Lane Event Rentals & Emerson Venue in Kaufman, TX

Website Feature: (Canadian) Mortgages By Michelle

Michelle Campbell, Canadian Mortgages Broker

Canadian mortgages done right – Michelle is a licensed Mortgage Broker & the CEO and Founder of Mortgage District Inc. Michelle came to us to set up her website for her Canadian mortgage brokering business & was an absolute joy to work with. She runs her brokerage under the DLC Group – the largest National Network in Canada & has built a reputation as a high-quality Mortgage Professional who is dedicated her clients. She is a well-respected Broker within her industry and is sought after by Lenders for her input on product enhancement and innovation, since she has the unique persepective of having worked on both the banking side and the broker side over the years.

Michelle is a focused, driven force of nature who firmly believes in supporting Local Businesses and Entrepreneurs. She knows the struggle faced by her clients & her community & she connects with them on a deeper level than your typical broker.

In addition to running a successful franchise, Michelle is an active member of the Mortgage Professionals Canada Ontario Chapter & has been selected to attend and participate in meetings with Members of Parliament at Queens Park and Parliament Hill, having influential conversations that bring change and a voice for consumers and the Mortgage Industry.

Michelle Campbell, Candian Mortgages Broker

Michelle has been named as a Woman of Influence in the Mortgage Industry and was awarded Best New Broker Owner. She was also the recipient of the 2020 Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence. She is a Founding Member of, a program which supports youth charities & services that specifically help youth reach their full potential by providing engaging valuable programs, while becoming a Mentor herself through the CMOLIK Foundation. Michelle is a member of 100 Brokers Who Care, a group of Canadian Mortgage Professionals who have joined together with the goal of raising $40,000 annually for Canadian charities and causes. She is also a Founding Member of Passion and Sparkle, a non-profit organization that supports both aspiring & established Women leaders in their journey to grow personally and professionally. Additionally, her company Mortgage District Inc., was recognized as being one of the Best Mortgage Workplaces 2 years in a row.

Most of all, though, Michelle is genuine & definitely who someone buying a home in Canada needs to work with!

Website Feature: Total Body Wellness Brownsburg

Total Body Wellness, Brownsburg
Focusing on better quality of life for their clients through preventive healthcare

We’re excited for the launch of a new client business in Brownsburg, Indiana focused on improving its clients’ quality of life based on the solid experience of its founders. We’re excited to be a part of the journey & looking forward to seeing their future success – read on for some inspiring news!

Total Body Wellness Browsnburg Logo

Total Body Wellness, Brownsburg, founded in 2020 in Brownsburg, IN by Ellie Branagin & Ashley Regal, both board-certified nurse practitioners, is working to keep their clients healthy & avoid costly medical bills & debilitating conditions by providing whole-patient care.

Trained in both conventional and functional approaches to medicine, Ashley and Ellie are able to develop individualized treatment plans that focus on root causes. Giving special consideration to their patients’ genetics, environment and lifestyle, they are able to effectively diagnose and treat individuals based on patterns of dysfunction and imbalance.

image of tea, representing Total Body Wellness, Brownsburg's family healthcare services

About Total Body Wellness, Brownsburg

Optimized wellness has been one of the fastest-growing needs in the health industry as over 90 percent of the population (poor, well, rich) is suffering from being over prescribed and under evaluated. The market is severely lacking a wellness centers that offers an easily accessible range of services that are personalized to the patient, affordable, and exceed the highest standards of care.

The demand for a low-cost, reliable, and safe alternative to the over counter substitutes is immensely high. Many consumers have lost faith in medicine as a whole. Total Body Wellness Brownsburg takes an investigative approach to medicine with the intention to focus on prevention care, rather than treating avoidable ailments and unnecessary prescription addictions.

Total Body Wellness, Brownsburg works with their clients to identify the root cause of their symptoms through personalized Testing and Treatments, whether the client has pre-existing medical conditions or they’re just feeling burnt out and want to optimize their quality of life.

Total Body Wellness Brownsburg Co-Founder
Ellie Branagin, MSN, FNP-BC

 Ellie Branagin is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, thyroid optimization, adrenal health, and wellness. She started her career 8 years ago at Eskenazi Hospital in the progressive care and med/surg units. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis and then earned her Master of science degree at Chamberlain School of Nursing. She holds national board certifications with the American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

image of Ellie Branagin, founding partner of Total Body Wellness, Browsnburg, IN
image of Ashley Regal, founding partner of Total Body Wellness, Browsnburg, IN

Total Body Wellness Brownsburg Co-Founder
Ashley Regal, MSN, AGPCNP-BC

 Ashley Regal is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner with several years’ experience working with the adult population ranging from hematologic disorders, oncology, and primary care. She studied both undergraduate and graduate nursing at Indiana University School of Nursing, and was a member of Sigma Theta Tau Honors Society. She is now specializing in hormone optimization, nutraceutical replacement, aesthetics and general wellness. She is certified through BioTE Medical, specializing in Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy for both men and women.

Brand & Website Feature: Shay Hadley Coaching, Seattle Life Coach

Shay Hadley, Seattle Life Coach

Shay is a longtime client of ALP’s so when she came to us to create an entirely new website we were thrilled to be working with her again, she’s always been so positive & pleasant to work with! Little did we know that she was in the middle of moving to Seattle where she would be setting up her Seattle Life Coach Business. Shay is a certified Life Coach, Success Coach, Relationship Coach, and self-proclaimed Master of the Mind with extensive experience. She works in person & remotely, so if you’re looking for someone to come alongside you & help out with a few things, Shay’s your lady!

Visit her website & show her some love for helping to spread positivity in the world – visit

I can help you work towards a better, more fitting and more fulfilling life for yourself through self-analysis and design-minded thinking.

Looking for a Seattle Life Coach? I coach remotely, as well!

Brand & Website Feature: Vibrant Goddess Nutrition, Promoting Women’s Health Through Proper Nutrition

Vibrant Goddess Nutrition, Promoting Women’s Health Through Proper Nutrition

Kimlyn has been working with us for some time now & we recently began helping her put some exciting new women’s health services on her website that she’s offering.

Vibrant Goddess Nutrition provides meal planning, healthy hormone promotion, pregnancy preparation, diet & digestion planning services, & more. Kimlyn’s primary focus is on empowering women to live their most vibrant life by focusing on being as healthy as possible & when needed she provides lab testing to help identify areas that may need attention.

My Pregnancy Prep program is all about preparing your body to produce the healthiest offspring. What you eat during pregnancy not only affects the development of your child but can have a profound influence on their long term health, as well as the health of their offspring! Think of your body as a garden, it’s built to grow something but the more attention to detail you give it, the better the harvest!

Vibrant Goddess Nutrition Pregnancy Preparation
Kimlyn Powers of Vibrant Goddess Nutrition, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Hi there! I’m Kimlyn & I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

Vibrant Goddess Nutrition was born out of my personal health (and spiritual) journey and those of my clients. It is my hearts passion for woman to feel vibrant and alive in their bodies, breaking loose of expectations and embracing who they truly are!  The journey to discovering your vibrant self is different for every woman, combine that with the fast pace of life these days, and woman find themselves feeling overwhelmed – the opposite of vibrant. My goal is to help woman reconnect with their bodies and live more in-tune with a diet, lifestyle, and environment that supports optimal health and wellness.

How to Create & Edit WooCommerce Products

Hey folks! This post isn’t intended for anything other than a reference on specific how-to items when it comes down to how to create & edit WooCommerce products on your WordPress/WooCommerce website. If you’re still trying to decide what eCommerce platform to use for your website, we recommend a little light reading on our blog of a brief comparison between platforms.

We also have a list of tutorial videos on our YouTube channel that you may find helpful as several others have (link).

Disclaimer: Most shops will never use any of the product types that we’ll show below aside from the simple & variable product. Some of the products we show will have multiple steps involved which makes them seem complex but when you look at each item & the control it gives the shop owner, you’ll see that options aren’t something to be afraid of & are good to have.

A simple product is can be thought of as just a thing with no variations. It might be a shirt that you only have in one size, type, & color, a service that you’re offering, a tool that you make, etc. Creating a simple product in WooCommerce is incredibly easy & we’ll use it as the foundation for this tutorial:

When you’re logged onto your website dashboard, hover over Products on the left & click Add New
WooCommerce Add New Product

On the next screen, you’ll see the product editing options that are available to you, start with the product name at the top. This is an important field for both your website’s SEO & for your potential customers – it should be clear from reading the name exactly what the product is both for a search engine & for a human.

After you’ve named your product, scroll down a bit until you see the Product Image on the right side, located between the Product Tags & the Product Gallery sections – set the main product image here.
WooCommerce Product Image Location

Give your product image an img alt of the product name
WooCommerce Set IMG ALT text

Add in any additional product images that you feel are relevant to the product listing in the product gallery section directly below the product image – these will display, in most cases & depending on the theme you’re using, directly below the main product image.

Next, scroll down the page to locate the Product Data section in the middle of the screen, this is where you’ll set the price & other items on your new simple product.
WooCommerce Product Data Section

Go ahead & set the new product’s price here & if you feel like setting an introductory sale to kick it off, you can set the sale price here as well & schedule an end date for it by clicking “Schedule” right beside the sale price. Nothing will be published at this point.

If you’re tracking inventory for this product, simply click the Inventory tab in the product data section & set it accordingly. At this point, you’re done with the product data section.

Now scroll all the way to the bottom of the page & enter in the most important information about your product or service in the Product short description field:
WooCommerce Product Short Description
Any text that you enter into this field will be the first text that a visitor to your website will see on the product, it displays directly to the right of the product images, in most themes.

Now scroll back to the top of the product editing page & enter in any detailed information that a potential customer might need to know for your new product in the text editing box located below the product name field – this text displays on the publicly visible product below the product images & product short description:
WooCommerce Main Product Description

Don’t forget to categorize your new product! This helps both search engines & your visitors to better understand your product or service. This can be done on the right side of the screen using this field:
WooCommerce Product Categories & Tags

You can also see some marginal SEO benefit setting your product tags – there are differing opinions on the SEO value of product tags but we’ve seen it in action, so we’re going based on experience.

Once you’ve made all of the edits that your product needs, you’re ready to publish it! You can do so by clicking the (usually) blue Publish button in the top right Publish box:
WooCommerce Publish A New Product
Note that for existing products, this will say “Update” rather than “Publish” & you must click it for your edits to take effect.

Contact us for help on your Woo Site

Variable products are products that have different features, such as a t-shirt design that you might offer in different sizes & colors. Set-up for variable products is identical to that of simple products with the exception of the variations. To switch from a simple to a variable product, scroll to the product data section in the middle of the product editing screen & click on the dropdown that says “Simple product” & select “Variable product”: WooCommerce Create a Variable Product Next, click on the Attributes tab in the product data box: WooCommerce Set Variable Product's Attributes This is where you’ll define what is used to create the variations – click on the “Add” button directly to the right of the dropdown that reads Custom product attribute & we’ll first set the shirt sizes here. Simply give this attribute a name, we’ll use “Size” here, then enter the attribute values, separating each with a pipe, which is the “|” character, so for our exercise, we’ll have Small | Medium | Large in our attributes field. Check the box that this attribute is used to create product variations & you can either choose to display or not display the name on the publicly visible product here by checking/unchecking the “Visible on product page” box, this won’t impact the variations actually being present: WooCommerce Variable Product Attributes for Shirt Sizes After you finish with the shirt sizes, click Save attributes & then repeat the process for your shirt colors. For our exercise, we’re using “Red | Green | Blue | Yellow | Orange | Black | White” as the shirt color attributes: WooCommerce Variable Product Attributes for Shirt Colors Now that you’ve set your product attributes, you’re ready to actually create the variations that your website visitors will see when they view the product. Click on the Variations tab located directly below the Attributes tab & you’ll see a dropdown menu that says “Add variation” that you can click on to reveal something that will make your life much easier here – an option to create variations from all attributes: WooCommerce Create Product Variations When you select that option, you’ll be given a warning message that you can dismiss in most cases without too much fuss because it says that the most you can do at one time is 50 so unless your product is more complex than most, you’ll be fine to continue. Once your website adds all the variations based on the attributes you entered, it will tell you how many there are & for our exercise we had 21 variations set up. Now it’s time to edit each variation accordingly – you can hover over each variation panel to reveal controls for that panel such as removing it altogether, which removes that variation, dragging it to reorder the variations, or opening it to edit the variation – you can see we’re hovering over the medium red shirt panel in the below screenshot: WooCommerce Edit Product Variations Click that panel to expand it & you’ll see that you can set the variant image, price, stock management, add a description, etc. It’s worth noting that you’re able to set a sale up on a specific product variation, say for instance you wanted to clear out all of your small white tees, you could drop the price here to encourage sales on it to climb to make more room for more popular items: WooCommerce Setting Variation Images, etc. Since we only fully set up three of the variants in our example, that’s all that will be visible on the publicly visible product as you’ll see below. We also opted to use the variant images rather than the main product image, meaning that when someone selects that product variant, they’ll see the image that was set on that variant. Main listing: WooCommerce Example Variable Product WooCommerce Example Variable Product Variations WooCommerce Example Variable Product Variations 2 Variant on sale: WooCommerce Example Variable Product Variant on Sale Variant at regular price: WooCommerce Example Variable Product Variant Regular Price And that’s how to set up variable products in WooCommerce! Contact us for help on your Woo Site
Setting up an affiliate website is incredibly easy with WooCommerce. A lot of folks have affiliate accounts for different places that they might want to tie them all together in one place to make it easier for their audience to see all of their listings without having to jump through hoops. These products are probably the simplest to set up, all you need is your description text, any images, & your affiliate link. When a visitor clicks on the button, they’ll be taken to the external, affiliate product listing rather than adding it to their cart. This particular option would be good for fashion bloggers, for instance, to insert a buy this link in a post they create about a specific outfit, etc. WooCommerce Affiliate Product Contact us for help on your Woo Site
Grouped products can be useful if you sell products that go well together such as a kit of any kind, outfits, digital files that go together (as in a music album), etc. It’s incredibly easy to set up because the individual products will have already been created. You select Grouped product as the product type in the Product Data section, then in the Linked Products tab you select the products on your website that should be grouped. WooCommerce Grouped Product You then have this type of product as the end result – obviously we’re just using these products as an example & your own naming of your individual products is likely to differ from these. WooCommerce Grouped Product Example Contact us for help on your Woo Site
Subscription products in Woo require an additional plugin from, which is predictably entitled WooCommerce Subscriptions. Subscription product are good for if you have a standing order such as a florist sending arrangements on a regular schedule, professional services that have the same monthly fee, etc. Subscription products are set up identically to simple & variable products, so once you’ve installed & activated the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin, you’ll see this option in the product data section of the new product you’re adding: WooCommerce Add a Subscription Product Once you’ve added the product, you’ll be able to define the terms such as the rate, the timeframe (every week, month, year, etc.), whether there’s a free trial, and other items: WooCommerce Set Up a Subscription Product Variable subscription products follow the process for a normal variable product setup, with the only difference being that there are recurring payments on a variable subscription product. Simple! Contact us for help on your Woo Site
Bookable products are good for things like classes, appointments, etc. For our example, we’ll use a florist holding wreath-making workshops Monday through Friday for $40 per person, maximum number of slots each day is 10 people, the maximum number of people that can be reserved for each customer is 2, and there are wreath kits that need to be purchased by each person for $5 each. To begin, you’ll need to have the WooCommerce Bookings extension installed on your WooCommerce website & active. After you add a new product, you’ll select Bookable Product in the product data section: WooCommerce Add a Bookable Product Next, you’ll need to determine the general settings on your bookable product – for our purposes, we’re making it so that the customer is able to cancel the booking ahead of time using an arbitrary figure in this case of a month ahead of time. Also, we’ve made it so that the booking needs to be approved to ensure that our classroom doesn’t get overcrowded, which makes it so that the customer isn’t actually charged until the booking is approved. The booking duration is defined in our example as 1 day, meaning that the available slots for this booking will be subtracted from the day rather than the hour, week, etc. WooCommerce Bookable Products Settings Next, click on the Availability tab & set your booking availability. Here we’ve set it so that there are 10 slots available per day & they can be booked a year in advance. We’ve set available & unavailable ranges of M-F & S-S. WooCommerce Bookable Product Availability Settings Next you’ll need to define your costs – we’re setting our cost at $40 per person. WooCommerce Bookable Product Costs Now we need to define that our workshop bookings include people or this won’t work. To do this, we need to check the “Has persons” box at the top & then set it correctly on the “Persons” tab that will appear: WooCommerce Bookable Product Numer of People WooCommerce Bookable Product Persons Setting You can see that we set the minimum to 1 person & the maximum available per order to 2 – we can’t have anyone being greedy with the class space, can we? Now we need to set up that wreath kit that’s part of the class. In this case we’ve made it mandatory but you can set it however you need to set it. Resources can also be used on multiple bookable products, so if we were to have a multi-disciplined workshop at this florist shop that offered wreath making, bouquet tying, and simple flower cutting, these are all resources that we could make available for that other bookable product. To set the wreath kit, we’ll need to check the “has resources” box at the top, then navigate to the resources tab that will appear & set it accordingly – we’ve set the wreath kit to $5 only in this example: WooCommerce Bookable Product Additional Resources WooCommerce Bookable Product Resources Setting We’re pretty happy with our workshop listing now so we set the product image & publish the listing, here’s what our example workshop looks like when someone selects a booking for 2 people: WooCommerce Example Bookable Product All they need to do then is check if the date they want to attend is available & make their booking, at which point the site owner or manager will approve or disapprove the booking & upon approval they will be charged for the booking, based on how we set up our example product. Contact us for help on your Woo Site
Some of these multi-step products can be a little time-consuming to set up, check, edit, & then launch. There’s a really simple way to make a copy of any products in your WooCommerce store, though, which can be a real time-saver! From your dashboard, click on Products & then hover over the product you want to copy. You’ll see an option that says “Duplicate” that you can click & it will take all of the original product data (images, verbiage, settings) & copy them to your new product, which you can then edit to make it the exact product you need. WooCommerce How to Duplicate A Product Similarly, there’s an option while editing a product to copy the product to a new draft, located in the Publish box of the product editing page in the top right: WooCommerce How to Copy A Product Contact us for help on your Woo Site

The place that the magic happens on every WooCommerce product listing is in the Product Data section, so let’s go over what each tab in here is used for, using a mostly stock WooCommerce view, without some of the additional extensions we’ve discussed previously.

Primary Options

You’ll notice in the images below that there are two boxes to the right of the product type, “Virtual” & “Downloadable,” that determine how the product is handled.

  • Virtual Product: Checking the virtual box will completely remove the shipping tab option from your product data section because you’re telling the software that you’re not shipping a physical product. This is useful for avoiding shipping rules issues.
  • Downloadable Product: Checking the downloadable box will present another range of options on the General tab in the Product Data section that allow you to define the file that’s being downloaded, how many times the file can be downloaded using the token from a given transaction, and whether or not the download will expire. There may be reasons to limit the time a file is available & how many times the file can be downloaded, such as the file becoming obsolete over time or people sharing the link with others.

WooCommerce Product Data Virtual and Downloadable Product

General Options

On a simple product, this is where you set the regular & sale pricing information & you can set whether it’s taxable or not.

WooCommerce Product Data General Simple

On a variable product, the pricing fields disappear here because the price is set on each varation:

WooCommerce Product Data General Variable

Inventory Options

If you need to maintain visibility on inventory of a product that you’re selling, this is where you would do that. Checking the Enable stock management at product level box will reveal the fields for your inventory management. Here you can input how many of an item you have, whether or not the item can be backordered (sold when it’s out of stock), when the system should notify you or your stock manager that you’re running low on the item, and whether you want to limit purchase of the item to one per customer, like panic-buying toilet paper. It’s worth noting that if you do allow backorders, you also have the option to notify the customer that the item is backordered when they purchase.

This is also where you can set the product’s SKU, which is usually an alphanumeric designator used to identify the product in a database. If you’re selling products that are manufactured by another company, they may require that their product SKU be present on your listing. If you have a lot of your own listings, such as with our own Premade Logos, setting a SKU helps clients & employees quickly identify the exact listing in communication.

WooCommerce Product Data Inventory Normal

Here we have the inventory options from a website that only sells digital items, so the website has no need to maintain inventory. You’ll notice that the enable stock management box is absent here.

WooCommerce Product Data Inventory

Shipping Options

Shipping is a bit of a sticking point for eCommerce businesses & we published a blog post about what to charge for shipping … suffice it to say that your shipping options may be drastically different from another website owner’s & they’re based entirely on your business model & needs. At its core, though, you’ll see in the below image that you can define a product’s dimensions & weight, as well as define the shipping class. Why would you set this? Because if you want to pull live rates from any shipper, they need this data. They live & die by package dimensions & weight so without that they won’t even consider quoting a rate. If you do a little extra work to set this when you create a product it can save you & your customers a ton of frustration later on.

Shipping classes are set separately in WooCommerce by the site owner, so if you’ve set any up they’ll be available here.

WooCommerce Product Data Shipping

Linked Products
(Upsells & Cross-Sells)

  • Setting Upsells: An upsell is a product that displays on the product listing that the customer might be interested in as well. Think of an outfit that you might be selling in separate pieces on your website, you would set the other pieces on each listing as an upsell so the customer can see the entire outfit at once & add the pieces to their cart.
  • Setting Cross-Sells: Cross-sells are exactly the same as upsells but they display in the cart, rather than on the product listing.

WooCommerce Product Data Linked Products

Advanced (Reviews & Notes)

If reviews are enabled on your site, the advanced tab shows a box to enable reviews on the product level, which is always checked by default.

You can also set a note to customers who purchase a specific product here – note that the Purchase Note section will support the use of HTML, for those of you who have a bit of coding knowledge.

Menu order is used to determine the order that products are displayed using the default settings in WooCommerce – it’s possible to override these settings, though, so it depends on how you’ve set up your own store. The way menu order works is that products with lower numbers are displayed before other products & negative numbers are allowed.

WooCommerce Product Data Advanced

Facebook Options

If you have the free Facebook for WooCommerce extension installed on your site, you’ll have this tab here. It’s pretty self-explanatory, you can change the image, plain-text description (no HTML), & price for your listings in your Facebook shop.

WooCommerce Product Data Facebook
Contact us for help on your Woo Site

Why WooCommerce is Better Than Shopify

WooCommerce is Better Than Shopify

WooCommerce is Better than Shopify – Really

(Or BigCommerce, Big Cartel, Society6, Squarespace, etc. etc. etc.)

Key points:

  • WooCommerce is the most widely-used eCommerce platform in the world, making it very easy to get help on parts that you may not be willing or able to handle
  • Other platforms tend to be either an all-or-nothing solution or have their business model set up in such a way that forces the user into higher-cost levels of membership
  • The fact that other platforms aren’t as widely-used means that hiring a developer for parts that you might need help with is likely going to be more expensive
  • Platforms change all the time, it’s important to pick one whose business model is based on sustainable global availability
  • Options are good, not something to be scared of & Woo has them in spades

Opening an online store is a decision that can be really good or really frustrating. This isn’t even taking the SEO factor into consideration but rather the amount of control that you have over your own store & the possibility that you might need to change direction later on with your online store.

WooCommerce is the Most Widely-Used eCommerce Platform in the World

According to, global numbers for sites using WooCommerce are at 3,876,748 total at time of writing, while Shopify is at 2,807,843 & for those of you who are hard core Magento fans, there are only 199,300 live sites globally using Magento.

WooCommerce Usage Statistics
Shopify Usage Statistics

Why is it that Woo is so popular? It’s because it’s free, really. As an agency we firmly believe that if a business owner isn’t willing to invest in their business for the long term, they won’t be in business long & we’ve had more than our fair share of people who thought that they should have everything without needing to pay for it but we also feel that everyone deserves a fighting chance when they start out so we price our entry-level products very competitively and truthfully there’s nobody doing what we’re doing, especially as it relates to websites because we actually help stand up a new website, rather than sell it to a client & send them on their way with a pat on the back & well-wishes. We’re in business to watch our clients succeed & we get real pleasure from that.

Similarly, WooCommerce provides an incredibly powerful & fairly easy to use product completely free. All you need is a self-hosted WordPress website & you can install Woo & set it up in minutes, it’s so easy a 10 year old could do it! Even better, the folks at Automattic, which own Woo, are constantly updating & improving on the plugin, patching vulnerabilities as they’re discovered, improving the interface (except for that whole Gutenberg deal) and generally polishing their product all the time. For free.

WooCommerce provides an incredibly powerful & fairly easy to use product completely free.

We work in Woo on a daily basis, so we can set up a complete store online in a matter of minutes or hours, depending on the site owner’s needs & availability of product images & descriptions, and then move onto the next task – but what about someone who has never set up an online store? WooCommerce provides detailed tutorials! We’ve set up some more basic video tutorials too, mostly for use by our own clients based on the usual eCommerce setup that our websites tend to have but they’ve been used by quite a few others as well. If all a new site owner needs to have is a simple product or service, meaning that it only has one variation, you can set up shop without needing any other special tools than Woo & a payment processor such as PayPal, Stripe, or Square, all of which charge the same transaction fees. If the product has variations, that’s also possible at no extra fee when it comes to Woo.

Some examples of product types that require an additional plugin from WooCommerce – they call them extensions because they extend the functionality of WooCommerce:

  • Subscription-based products
  • Digital Gift Cards (automatically-generated codes at sale)
  • Membership programs
  • Bookable products (paid appointments, classes, etc.)
  • Customizable products
  • Wholesale options
  • Auctions
Shopify Plan Pricing

It’s not unusual for items like this to cost more than the base price but the reason that we think Woo’s model is far superior to that of, say, Shopify is because Shopify’s model is heavily weighted in favor of developers & the core system. As an example, if a Shopify store owner wanted to provide gift cards & they were on a Shopify Basic plan, which is about $30/month, they would need to upgrade to the next tier which is about $80/month. Woo’s solutions, Smart Coupons, is about $100. Once.

On Shopify, if a shop owner wants to provide subscriptions, they will need to find an app that will allow them to provide subscription-based products & we’ve worked projects with Shopify clients who wanted to provide subscription products to their customers & it was never simple, they found it frustrating, & they needed to spend more money every month just for the ability to provide subscription-based products. At the time of writing, the most popular Shopify app that allows a store to provide subscription products provides a 60 day trial, after which it’s about $40 per month. Woo’s solution, called Subscriptions, is about $200. Once.

Shopify Subscription Products Pricing

Platforms Change All the Time

We were nearing completion on a client’s site a while back on Squarespace & there was a fatal error on their website that was definitely not our doing. This particular client is an airline pilot so he was busy all the time & needed to have things done in a hurry when he had availability – super nice guy, though – so it was a little frustrating for him that Squarespace support kept saying it was our fault & he’d have to come back to us, so what we ultimately ended up doing was having him authorize us to communicate on his behalf, after which we were able to get to the root of the problem pretty quickly. Usually these kinds of issues are caused by a theme or plugin conflict & are relatively easy to fix but this was an issue that was coming from their core code & when they acknowledged that, they kind of shrugged & said, “Sorry, nothing we can do about it. We know you’re a paying customer but we literally cannot fix this.” The issue that occurred on this project was a result of an update to the platform that SS had made previously.

Shopify used to have a great integration with MailChimp but they cut ties with them in March of 2019, meaning that any new shop owners would need to either hand code in their MailChimp code or pick up, you guessed it, another monthly paid app! About this same time, Shopify made some changes to their policies that any developers who work with multiple platforms who move stores away from Shopify would have their Partner accounts revoked & potentially experience other repercussions.

Options Are Good, Not Something to Be Scared Of

WooCommerce has a reputation in some circles as being overly complicated & technical because it was developed to give the site owner more options & more control. Generally speaking, if someone is in business & they’re not committed enough to figure out how to list a product, set your tax rates or shipping fees correctly, they’re just not serious enough to make it work & I personally feel that spending a few minutes reading up on how to set up a variable product, as an example, is time well spent in business. There are always going to be developer-level tasks that need to be done by someone like myself who understands the code itself & how to edit it appropriately but in general the expression “there’s an app for that” holds true in WordPress & WooCommerce so it’s not even like a Woo site owner even needs to code a lot of the time because someone has anticipated the need & created a plugin to do exactly what they want to do.

Personally, I find the brain power & commitment behind WooCommerce impressive & the fact that their business model relies on the core of Woo being free for everyone means that the new eCommerce site owner has a fighting chance.

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