Changes at ALP & More

It’s no secret that we run a family business & recently we’ve formalized what we’ve been doing more & more of in past months, which is working with Lily, our eldest daughter. Lily is an artistic amazement, given the fact that she comes from a family line of military, farming, medicine, & entrepreneurship. She has developed her natural ability to the point that she’s able to use it in commercial circles as a senior in high school. We’re thrilled to be able to work on a more consistent basis with Lily & we know that you all will enjoy interacting with her, too, as we continue to make changes at ALP for our growth & constant improvement!

On that note, Lily has her own shops on Etsy & Creative Market, as well & was recently featured on Creative Market’s blog – check her out & show her some love!

We’re so proud of you, Lily, & we love you!

Beck & Jeff

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