background-20486_640At Autumn Lane Paperie, we know that without our clients we’re nothing & we appreciate you folks more than you could ever know!  We’ve discussed ways that we can show our appreciation but the main issue is that you all cover such a broad spectrum of society that there’s simply no way that we can do it at one go, so we’re starting a new thing for us – small giveaways! The upshot of this is that we’ll put up various freebies from time to time (we’re planning on at least a couple times per month) that will be available to anyone & everyone.

Following tax season & closing in on the end of school, we thought the most appropriate freebie for our opener would be based on COFFEE! Our day definitely starts with a cup of coffee each here, black for me & with cream for Beck, to ease us into the workday with a smile on our faces.  After lunch, we’ll usually have another cup of coffee to beat that 2PM food crash – again, black for me but iced for Beck.  Any guess as to who fixes the coffee?

Autumn Lane Paperie Coffee PrintableWe’ve also made our own cold-brewed coffee, which can rival that of any energy drink or amphetamine cocktail! Just kidding on that last bit, but seriously, that stuff will cause you to see an entirely new part of the light spectrum based solely on the vibrations it gives your eyeballs if you overdo it!  For those curious, cold brewed coffee is exactly what it sounds like – you immerse fresh, unused coffee grounds in water & leave it at least 8 hours (the ratio is up to you!), then strain the brew through a coffee filter.  What you have is then the much-touted cold-brewed coffee & is excellent in coffee-based smoothies, iced coffee, etc.  Definitely a pick-me-up that you won’t want to put down (or share).

We’d like to offer this 8×10 printable graphic to everyone that shows our love (and probable dependence) of the java & say we hope you enjoy it.  Preferably with some coffee.

To retrieve the printable, click the image & or this link & download your PDF file from Dropbox!

-Beck & Jeff

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