Greetings from Upstate South Carolina! I’m Barbara (aka Barb, aka Mom, aka Oma) and it’s great to meet you!

At Autumn Lane Paperie, I serve as Premade Logo Queen and SEO Geek. That means that I’ll take care of you on both ends of your creative journey! I’m responsible for your test drive, then for your premade logo. After Beck, Lily, and Jeff put together your awesome website, I come back and make sure you can be found easily in online searches.

Back in the days of phototypesetting and pasteup, I was sole proprietor of a graphic design/PR company, and loved it. Then life got in the way and eventually, I found myself in business as a landscaper. Growing things has always fascinated me, and scaping gave me an opportunity to use my BS in Botany. I know enough about grass, weeds and bugs to make your eyes cross.

A few years ago, sciatica reared its ugly head and put an end to my shovel days. Drawing on previous experience, the obvious choice for a career change was to go back to my roots (so to speak). After much discussion, Beck and Jeff invited me to join their family business. What a blessing! And a challenge!

The learning curve from waxer and light table to Photoshop and Illustrator was just about vertical, y’all! Being part of a great team helped the transition so much! Design principles are the same, which is a great help.

I purely love putting together beautiful logos for you! Typefaces have always been fascinating to me, and now I get to play with them every day. Meeting so many nice people and making them happy, and working alongside my extremely talented family and friends – it’s a dream come true. That’s a cliché, I know. Too bad!

Aside from the obvious, other skills include knowing how to spell and define medical terms, singing, knitting/crochet, and topiary. And puns. I do love puns! Also, now that I don’t have to make everyone else’s yard beautiful, I can finally get busy on my own. Life is good!

You didn’t ask my advice, but here it is anyway.

“Never, never, never give up.” (Winston Churchill)