Hi! I’m Jeff, & I’d like to thank you for spending a little time to get to know us! I live in SoCal with my wife & best friend, Beck.

I’m the company’s vice president, technically, but we’re not overly fond of formalities, here. We function as a tightly-knit team & any of you who have served on any team, whether it’s military or otherwise, will know that communication is key to its success & that if one part of the team suffers, the entire team suffers. We’ve built our business on the success of our clients & on one another, so to our existing clients we say thank you for trusting us & to our potential clients, we say please continue to get to know us & then we’ll thank you for trusting us, too.

Specific responsibilities for me include ensuring that everyone here at ALP has the tools that they need to do their job, website development & construction, business planning & development, & all sorts of other “fun” stuff behind the scenes. If it’s technical & we’re involved, the odds are pretty good that I’m working on it.

My qualifications include proficiency in:

  • Website hosting
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Technical analysis
  • Trend analysis

Most Content Management Systems (CMS) tend to follow the same basic layout & functions but a few that we’re more proficient in include:

  • WordPress (with WooCommerce as the eCommerce platform)
  • Shopify
  • SquareSpace

I’ve not attended formal technical training, all of my coding knowledge is self-taught & learned from real world applications, which cuts down on “well, that should have worked” more than you can imagine. As a former cryptologic linguist, computer code, which is just another language, makes sense to me & I’m able to quickly fall into the technical lingo & adapt it to the task at hand.

So when you have a website project with us, you can be sure that I’ll be working on it.

On the personal side, I enjoy blowing things up (SoCal kinda puts a cramp on that), homebrewing, and motorcycles. I grew up racing motocross & intend to get back into it (seems safer than cage fighting) & I’d like to open a brewery :). My family is my life & we’re very supportive of one another – it still floors me that we’re able to work together in a family owned & operated business & support one another even more – and still get along!