Hi there! I’m Lily and I currently live in sunny Southern California – I’m pleased to meet you!

I’m a custom graphic designer & artist for ALP! If you order a custom logo or design, I’m usually the designer you’ll be working with. I also create custom art for some of our logos! I’ve been working as a custom designer for nearly a year now and it’s a role I’ve grown to love more and more each day. I started out only creating custom artwork while still in high school, but I soon moved on to creating full custom designs for logos, business cards, and much more.

Seeing a design come together with the perfect elements is elating! Art and creativity is in my blood and comes naturally to me, so working creatively each day results in a passion for my job that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

My favorite hobbies are watercolor painting, watching plenty of Netflix, and drinking coffee. If it’s a good day, I might do all three at once! I also love to travel and read; new experiences are the best!

Thank you for stopping in at ALP! I hope you have a fabulous day, and remember — always follow your dreams!