Hello, Hello! Welcome, I’m Mary +  the wonderful, slightly all-over-the-place creative behind the stock photography that you’ll find available here at Autumn Lane Paperie!  If you download a set, or pick up a bundle, it absolutely makes my day! I am always striving to provide clean, clear, and custom sets that are versatile for all of ALP’s fantastic clientele. When I’m not working on stock images, you’ll find me typing away on blog posts, and shooting for my own company, Mary Lynn Photography

Creativity has always been a driven force in my purpose, I truly enjoy sparking emotion through visual imagery. I run my own photography business, where my passion thrives from the connections between people, the beauty in this world and seeing things in a way that is timeless.  I am constantly learning, driven to better my craft and my business as well as provide products that everyone can enjoy at Autumn Lane Paperie. 

I consider myself a modern day gypsy, which is beneficial with the career path I am on and being almost a tumbleweed of sorts with my husband, two daughters and our menagerie of pets (3 cats, 1 dog at the moment). We’ve had the pleasure of living in several states, spent time living abroad and now find ourselves working on whether or not we’ll set roots in the Mile High City or continue finding where we truly belong.  

I really enjoy a good cup of coffee, doesn’t mean I won’t drink a bad one… I just find it more enjoyable when it tastes good. I make lofty goals to read as many books as I can, doesn’t always tend to work out but I do the best I can with some of my wonderful book loving friends. I’m part grandma with my need to learn all skills like crocheting, knitting, water coloring and maybe even some pottery this coming year…  Oh yes, if you’re a fan of the Gilmore girls then you might just be my best friend.