Ongoing SEO Service

$425.00 / month for 6 months

This is our ongoing SEO service, it’s limited to 12 clients at any one time, meaning once we hit the limit of 12 ongoing SEO clients this listing will no longer be available until we complete one or more of our existing clients. Our ongoing SEO service provides:

  • Registration of your website with search engines (Sitemap Creation + Submission)
  • Google Analytics & Search Console setup
  • Experienced SEO team to improve site content and layout
  • Keyword Planning for new & existing websites
  • Target content editing & creation
  • Local SEO, if you have a physical location – citations
  • Internal link-building & optimization
  • On-page, technical SEO – think, proper structure, clear meaning to search engines, easy to understand language for your audience
  • Traffic & Rank monitoring
  • Performance Analysis and Improvements
  • Editing of Meta Data, Header Tags (H1/H2), Bold/Italics usage, and Alt Text

If there’s no availability for our ongoing SEO service when you check, contact us to be placed on a waiting list (we don’t make referrals to outside services) &  in the meantime, consider getting the bare minimum taken care of with our SEO Setup Service.