Total Website Solution

$85.00 / month for 24 months

Who said awesome websites have to be pricey?  We’ll design a great site, handle all of the tech stuff, and enable you to run your business more efficiently for $85 per month.

For less than the cost of your Friday date night, we’ll get you set up with some awesome stuff, like:

  • Your domain name registration, if you don’t already have it
  • Custom website design – online store included, if you need one!
  • Website hosting with free SSL (a must for ALL sites)
  • Website support + hundreds of dollars worth of premium plugins and services are also included!

Want to watch your site being built live? You can either come to the office or set up a screenshare session to get your site design completed in record time!

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The Nitty Gritty

We build beautifully powerful, easily managed WordPress websites.

Total Website Solution Details & What’s Included:

  • This is a 24 month agreement, after which the site is 100% yours. Make sure that you read & understand the agreement for this service
  • a custom designed, secure website + domain-specific e-mail
  • an online store, if you need one
  • mobile responsiveness
  • easy, intuitive navigation
  • analytics (for the numbers junkies!)
  • an easy to use admin panel to manage + create content + load your products**
  • the option to use hundreds of dollars of premium plugins to elevate your website, and provide new opportunities for growth (subscriptions, digital gift cards, affiliate programs, memberships, & more)
  • little to no coding knowledge required to update your website
  • If you don’t have a brand in place already, we’d be thrilled for you to choose one of our premade logos for something quick & easy that looks amazing, a custom logo for something OOAK, or our Basic Branding package for the business owner who’s put a lot of thought into additional brand assets that they need!

We break our website design up into phases.

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We’ll start by setting you up with our website questionnaire. This is the “homework” part of the website design — it’s super important for you to spend time on this — the information you provide to us is how we’re going to design you a badass website!

After we receive your questionnaire + any additional information we may have requested from you, we’ll begin constructing your website & set up a ticket to track its progress, on which you will have full visibility & be able to interact with questions & replies directly on the ticket or by email.

We recommend that you use this time to begin gathering up + organizing your content (images + verbiage) to avoid delay. We’ve got a handy content guide that we can link you up with if you’re stumped!

Once the initial website design is complete, based on your questionnaire, we can schedule a live editing session with you to get your site finished in record time! If you’re not local, you can still get the effect of sitting right beside the designer with a screenshare session.

Once we’ve completed the construction of your website, we’ll need your feedback to fine-tune + perfect it! We’ll go over your website with you page by page, and make adjustments as needed. We’ll also give you some super helpful info for how to manage your website & load your products in if your site includes an online store!

This includes two revision rounds, in which we gather as many updates and changes that you would like to see at once & make those changes for you. These revision rounds can be done in the form of one list and one screenshare session or two lists. This phase should take about a week, depending on your availability.

Once the perfecting phase is complete, it’s launch time! We’ll set up a date + time to drop the coming soon page on your website + unveil your new website to the world! We’re happy to help you by pushing out social media messages so that everyone else can come check out your new virtual digs! Then, we’ll complete the hand-off — you take full ownership of your new website!

  • We keep your website software & plugins updated.
  • Minor alterations to pages as needed.
  • Editing website code, as needed, for external applications like analytics, as an example.
  • Catastrophic recovery – if the unthinkable happens, and your website becomes corrupted, we’ll help restore it at no additional charge.
  • 24 month agreement: we’ll never send anyone to collections if you just want to be done & stop paying but the site might get suspended for any client who stops paying on the agreement.
  • After the site is finalized, it will enter support mode & we’ll handle the upkeep of the back end software & will be available to make minor website tweaks for the duration of the agreement. After the 24 months is up, you will only be responsible for your hosting costs & any other services that you may require, such as website support, shop management, ongoing SEO, etc.

Note that this is our Basic Website Support & does not include eCommerce services, as our Web Shop Management Support offers. We can update your account if you need eCommerce support!

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* Some design elements may incur an additional charge if it’s outside of the scope of the “simple” items that we automatically include. Website graphics means website header, social buttons, and certain branded graphics — page dividers, headings, and other graphics created with the brand in mind. This does not include highly specialized images, video, or other website content. 

*** Minor alterations include minor styling & content changes on pages, posts, & products, not substantive or drastic changes.
**** Please note that if you engage in risky behavior and your site is hacked, we may not be able to assist. We maintain backups of every site but if too much time passes before the issue is noticed, it may be unresolvable.

Additional product policy information is on our FAQ Page which is subject to be updated with no notice.


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