Ultimate Business Branding


Look no further, this is what you need to take your business from a concept to being in business! Our Ultimate Business Branding is our red carpet treatment which draws on our experience of living and breathing the branding and website design process day in and day out. As the professionals, we’re poised to offer a uniquely exceptional branding experience that several businesses and creative professionals know they need but aren’t sure how to accomplish – we treat your business as though it were our own.

Ultimate Business Branding strives to ensure that you don’t have to stress too much about details that you may not have even been aware of and we provide business coaching along with your business branding and website design, allowing you to focus on your clients and products. We’ve taken great pains to make sure that this is a turnkey service, making it as comprehensive an opportunity as we wish we’d found when we started our businesses.

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Ultimate Business Branding

Our Ultimate Business Branding includes:
  • Brand Coaching* – within the ALP family, we have decades of combined business experience in start-ups, business operations, selling multiple businesses successfully, & working with many, many client businesses – we share our relevant insights & planning on a business branding level with Ultimate Branding clients
  • Competitor Research – this provides insight into what keywords and some advertising strategies may be working well for your competition & how this can help your business
  • Business branding concepts presented based on our expert recommendations
  • Full business branding (see the list below)
  • Mobile-friendly website design (see the list below)
  • 3 months of direct support for minor website issues, installation or upload of files, or minor revisions for print or website items
  • 6 months of e-mail support
  • Skype call at the conclusion of our process for website training, if applicable.
  • Social media blasts for your business and a feature on our blog
Payments may be made in installments – let us personalize a plan for you! We also have a variety of add-on services, such as social media account set-up, newsletter design, website administration, and more! Contact us to schedule our initial discussion to see if this is a good fit for you.

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  • One on one phone consultation & advice moving forward – we want to help you succeed in your business through the years. We’ll send a summary email to keep as a reference of each conversation, as well
  • Business structure advice based on our discussions & your goals
  • SEO & Ad strategy advice – we’ll also help generate some great hashtags for your use in this area
  • Competitor Report – we have access to historical data on millions of businesses that we can access to see what’s been working for businesses like yours or, potentially, direct competitors
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Two Sub-Logos
  • Color Palette and Patterns
  • 10 Branded Collateral Items based on our recommendations
  • Your first set of printed business cards, 100 count
  • Digital copies of all finalized files, via cloud
  • 5 revision rounds
  • 3 months’ support for minor branded item revisions
  • Content analysis of your existing website, if applicable
  • Stock photos, as needed
  • Initial on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) configuration for your site
    • Includes local citations for businesses with a physical location
  • If you need, we’ll even load your store with the first 50 products prior to your website launch
  • 3 months’ support following website launch

* Autumn Lane Paperie & its officers, employees, & contractors offer general advice & make no claim to be financial or legal experts. You should always consult your accountant &/or attorney for expert advice for your business.