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Websites are definitely the expected norm when it comes to doing business nowadays but what sets an awesome website apart from just an OK website?

Content, plain & simple. Your website can have the prettiest pictures & the coolest effects ever but unless it conveys your message immediately & effectively to your visitors, you'll be left wondering why your website isn't generating leads or revenue for you.

The cliche really is true – content is king.

What does this listing provide to you, the website owner who needs to have excellent content creation?

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Purchase of this website content creation package provides you with the creation of 6 original pages, with 2 rounds of ‘minor’ edits that don’t require complete rewrites. The completion time frame is less than a week from the time we receive your completed questionnaire & your approval to begin work.

Got more products than pages? No problem – we can substitute 1 page for 12 products if the products use a template for their descriptions, or 6 products if the product descriptions are more complex or a template isn’t practical for your product descriptions.

What if I need more than a 6 page listing?

Please contact us & we’ll provide you with a written quote for your needs within 1-2 business days!  Please include the exact number of pages, posts, or products that you need & be as specific as you possibly can with respect to your needs.

Do you offer an ongoing service for content creation, such as ghost writing?

We don’t but we can refer you to an excellent & imminently affordable service that does.

Do I need anything else to go with this service?

If you’ve not had your website optimized for search, we highly recommend purchasing our SEO configuration package, as well. You want your site to show up in search results, so let the experts handle it! We’re not the “experts” who promise “First page on Google, 100%!” but we are the ones who can tell the search engines about your site in an intelligent manner & greatly increase your site’s search results. If your business is one that relies on local support, such as a boutique, photography company, bakery, real estate firm, etc., local SEO is critical for your website & we understand local SEO.

If you have any questions at all about this service, please send your questions using our contact form & we’ll get back to you!


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