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We recently had the pleasure of helping Dani Cameron launch her online boutique, The Wylde Rose, out of New Braunfels, Texas, & we thought it might be fun for those of you that read our blog to get to know a little about Dani & what makes her tick. We think you’ll find her very relatable!

Dani, tell us a little about yourself & what motivates you.

I’m Dani Cameron, proud owner of the Wylde Rose Boutique. My family and I live in lovely New Braunfels, Tx which is known for floating the Comal River, spending summers at Schlitterban Water park, and of course the famous Gruene Hall.
I have been a hairdresser for 10 years now and still love it! However, since having little ones I’ve taken a step back so i can be home with them. Now my focus is more towards doing hair for weddings. It’s something I’ve always been very passionate about and i love getting to be a part of such a special day.
(Those of you near New Braunfels, TX, check out her Facebook & Instagram pages for her hair styling business!)

Can you tell us how you arrived at the point that you are now in your business & where you’d like to be in 5 years with the business?

My family is what motivates me. My husband is very supportive when it comes to me wanting to stay home with my 3 little ones. I want to be the best mom and wife I can be, but i also want to help provide for our family. I think a lot of stay at home moms want something that is just theirs. We share so much and give so much that its a wonderful feeling when you can find something that you love to do and still get the best of both worlds.

How long have you been thinking about taking this step & do you wish you’d done it sooner?

I have always wanted my own boutique. I actually started the process about 4 years ago but God was telling me it wasn’t the right time. Everything is in his time.

Where do you source your handmade items from?

My handmade items come from husband and wife business owners or stay at home moms like myself. Soon enough i will feature some of Wylde Rose’s handmade items as well!

While we were working on your project, you mentioned to us the possibility of opening a physical location in the future – where can your customers expect to find your store?

My dream is to have a physical store for Wylde Rose here in Gruene, Texas.

What do you hope to become known for with your online boutique?

I’m still trying to figure out what my “known for” items will be. That’s something that i struggle with because i originally didn’t want to open a boutique without having something that we could be ” known for”. Sometimes you just have to be patient and i know within time it will just happen…. ” Yup, that’s from Wylde Rose!”

Do you have any words of advice for people thinking about taking the same step as you & launching their online business?

My advice has always been “follow your dream.” I could name so many reasons why its such a scary step, but If you don’t at least try, you will always wonder. God was lining everything up for me to start this journey and now he is showing me the path I am to follow.
Luke 1:37

Dani Cameron

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