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I’ve Been Hiding a Dirty Little Secret from You

Y’all.  I have a confession to make.  I haven’t been entirely honest.  I’ve been hiding a dirty little secret from you. All of the blog posts you’ve been seeing?  The social media postings? I wasn’t posting them. I have a secret. More like a SECRET WEAPON!!!! Did y’all start paying attention?  Move closer to your […]

How I Got Here – It’s a LONG, but Fun, Journey!

Grab a cold one, or a glass of wine, y’all.  I’m about to get nostalgic and recount how I got here – it’s a long, but fun, journey! Did y’all know I’m totally self-taught? That’s right. With the exception of my first Photoshop experience when I was in high school, I taught myself everything I […]

How to Manage a Business While Still Doing Life

A while back, I put some feelers out to my Instagram followers.  I asked what my followers — my friends, my family, and my client-friends — would want to read or learn about.  The overwhelming response was how to manage a business, while still doing life.  How do I run a business, take care of […]

Four Tips for Writing Your Business Policies

Policy writing sucks, right? Those policies that are so tough to write and consider are the very things that will keep your business protected, and extend the same type of protection to your clients. Reasonable, sound policies will actually help your business and establish trust between you & your client. Here are four tips for […]

The Key to Foolproof Feedback for your Designer

Congratulations!  You’ve hired a design professional to work on your brand and/or website!  I know that this is a huge step in setting your business off on the right path.  It was probably no easy feat to put together ideas for your brand identity.  It’s my job as a designer to pull bits & pieces […]

Thieves – Handling Intellectual Property Theft

Oh yes, I said THIEVES. Not that amazing smelling essential oil from Young Living (my fav oil ever!), but legit THIEVES. Intellectual property theft is what I’m talking about. If you’re a person that has put their all into their business, only to find that someone has stolen your material or intellectual property, you can […]