Autumn Lane Paperie Ultimate Boutique Branding Package

Branding — it’s so much more than a pretty logo. A superior brand takes research & analysis into a variety of topics to form a solid foundation that you can build on. Your logo is the core of your brand, but your branded materials, website, interactions + communications, tone, social media & advertising strategy all play a crucial role in the success of your business. Our boutique branding is research-based, and brand concepts rely heavily on our findings. We’ll be spinning ideas and detailed suggestions for leveraging what you’ve got going on through the branding process.

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Autumn Lane Paperie, it's a match if

  • you’re a startup, and need a helping hand taking your fab idea from “dream” to “do,” and you know that your brand is the very first impression your target audience will have
  • you are truly invested in the success of your business and want to utilize every resource possible for the best possible outcome
  • you have absolutely no idea what to do about branding yourself but know we’re going to hook you up with a sweet brand
  • you are DYING to have a hand-lettered logo totally unique to your business
  • sleek, chic, modern, feminine are words to describe your dream brand
  • you need help on the research & analysis side of business, like choosing a business name, marketing, advertising, social media, and hashtag development
Autumn Lane Papaerie Ultimate Boutique Branding Package
Autumn Lane Papaerie Ultimate Boutique Branding Package
Autumn Lane Paperie, what you should know
  • You’ll receive a detailed research report that includes some awesome info about business basics, and information specific to your business — social media info, networking info, & more!
  • As a part of your branding package, we’ll design three concepts for you! Your finalized items include a custom logo, two sublogos, color palette, pattern, and five collateral items.
  • I LOVE hand-lettering, and I would be thrilled to letter your logo concept for you for a truly unique look, and pair it up with a gorgeous font!
Autumn Lane Paperie, how our process works
  • Our Ultimate Boutique Branding leads off with an in-depth research report carried out by us — we begin research once we receive your brand identity questionnaire, which gives us some brief info on where to start & focus our research. We’ll cover topics such as business basics, social media basics, and we’ll also provide advice & suggestions to enhance your networking, advertising, & more!
  • Since the brand concepts — you receive three of them to choose from — rely on our research and are developed with specific information in mind, we begin designing those concepts after we’ve provided your report to you. I like to detail the concepts in writing ahead of the design process to ensure we’re on the same page!
  • After presenting concepts to you, you’ll choose the one you love the most, we’ll go through a revision process if we need to! We include up to five rounds of revisions on all items in your Ultimate Branding. Once we’ve solidified your core brand assets, we’ll move on to the collateral item design!