Website FAQ

What platform do you use?

We currently design for WordPress, and we also offer Shopify up as an option for eCommerce.

Is WordPress easy to use or learn? What about WooCommerce, if I have an online store?

Yes! We provide training materials at the conclusion of your website launch that teach you how to harness the power of WordPress. If you pay attention to the training materials, you’ll be able to maintain your website, add new products, and blog your heart out!

We find that our clients get the most use out of the WordPress 101 video tutorials, as well as the WooCommerce 101 video tutorials.  These videos are short & to the point, enabling you to focus on the specific task you’re working on, such as items 21-23 in the WooCommerce videos, which focus on creating products & coupons.

Will I be able to update my website, or do I have to ask you to do it?

You will be able to update your own website! We include an awesome, easy to use, drag & drop builder so that it makes it easy as pie to update your website, add new pages, and so on.

What’s the difference between non-eCommerce (regular, informational) and eCommerce?

The difference is that eCommerce websites allow you to sell products & services from your website. Non-eCommerce websites do not — they’re simply websites for informational purposes. If you plan to process payment for any goods or services through your website, you’ll need the eCommerce option!

Do you have payment options available?

Sure do! We offer the option to

  • pay in full
  • pay 50% to begin, and the remaining 50% is automatically drafted in 30 days
  • in some cases, we may agree to lengthen the payment term by a month or two

Do you offer hosting?

Yes, we offer hosting — our hosting services are amazeballs and consist of free SSL, unlimited email addresses, and up to 10GB of disk space. Check out our hosting plans here (link).

Can you maintain my website?

We also offer a monthly maintenance subscription. It includes minor website adjustments, keeping your site updated, plugins updated, and ensuring its security. Check out our maintenance service here (link).

Can you provide images for my website, or write what it should say?

Unfortunately, no, we can’t. We may use placeholder images & content if your content isn’t completed yet, but your finalized website will have all *original* content from you!

Aside from potential licensing issues, you are ultimately the subject matter expert on your business, what you offer, and who your target market is. While we can gussy your website up, make the user experience super, and make suggestions, it is the client’s responsibility to provide all content for the website — that includes images, and the verbiage! You’ll find that your website is more true to you & your business if you take the time! And, your viewers will know it, too!

Will I have to pay any additional fees every month?

In most cases, the only fees you will pay each month will be for your hosting, and when required, your domain renewal (usually every year or two). If you require any premium plug-ins, there is a chance you may pay a one-time or monthly licensing fee, depending on the third party service (you likely won’t be paying us for that, though).