A few of our most popular blog posts, believe it or not, are font related!  Working as a logo designer + brand stylist, I come across more fonts than I can count. We have over 6,000 fonts at our fingertips to use!  Not only do I love fonts in general, but as some of you might know, I also design them.  My other Font Crush posts have featured a wide variety of fonts from many different designers, but this post is special…




Because these are all *my* fonts!  You can find each of these in the font section of our website, as well as the links associated with them in the list below.







Want to know about the graphic title?  That also comes in the Florida Girl Sans family — this is the bold version!

I’m excited for my fonts to be used in various projects — please, feel free to share your project with me if you use any of my fonts!


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